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photo: Josh Brown


Akiho, Andy

NO one To kNOW one

Andriessen, Louis

The New Maths


Berio, Luciano

Beatles Songs



Betinis, Abbie



Cerrone, Christopher

I will learn to love a person

The Pieces That Fall To Earth


Chambers, Evan


Corigliano, John

Mr. Tambourine Man


Harbison, John

Mirabai Songs


Honstein, Robert

We Choose to Go to the Moon

Kesselman, Lee


*How I Hate This Room

*Make me a Willow Cabin


Kirsten, Amy Beth

For a Dream’s Sake

*The Haunting of Mr. Wolf

*L’ange pâle

*yes I said yes I will Yes


Lash, Hannah



MacMillan, Kieren

*Three Portraits


Magnussen, Jon



Mikhailova, Anna



Naeff, Ruben

*Dancing Dollar

*The Cloud


Pergolesi, G.B.

Stabat Mater


Pew, Douglas

*En los Muros de Arles


Reich, Steve

Music for 18 Musicians


Rosenblum, Mathew


Saariaho, Kaija

Il pleut



Scarlatti, Alessandro



Schoenberg, Arnold

Pierrot Lunaire


Schwantner, Joseph



Shostakovich, Dmitri

Seven Romances on Poems of Alexander Blok

Visconti, Dan

*Sing into Being

* Kesselman premiere

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