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* Kesselman premiere

Andriessen, Louis

*Boy / Theatre of the World

Béatrice / La commedia

Brandt, Anthony

Woman / The Birth of Something


Cerrone, Christopher

+*Leona Raines/Leona's Mother / In a Grove


Glass, Philip

Soprano / Einstein on the Beach

Kirsten, Amy Beth

*Dulcinea / Quixote

MacMillan, Kieren and Arnold Schoenberg

She / Drunken Moon/Pierrot Lunaire


MacMillan, Kieren

*Gray Cat / Gray Cat and the Flounder

Mozart, W.A.

Despina / Così fan tutte

Serpetta / La finta giardiniera


Stravinsky, Igor

Anne Trulove / The Rake’s Progress


Weill, Kurt

Mrs. Fiorentino / Street Scene

Weiser, Mark Lanz

Ada Lovelace/Galaxies in Her Eyes


Orchestra / Large Ensemble Repertoire


Bach, J.S.


St. John Passion


Barber, Samuel

Knoxville: Summer of 1915

Beaser, Robert

*The End of Knowing


Beerman, Burton



Berio, Luciano

Beatles Songs

Britten, Benjamin

Rejoice in the Lamb

Bryant, Steven

All Stars Are Love 

Cerrone, Christopher

The Pieces That Fall to Earth


Corigliano, John

Mr. Tambourine Man


Fauré, Gabriel



Handel, G.F.



Haydn, Franz Joseph

Creation Mass

Nelson Mass


Kander, John 

A Letter from Sullivan Ballou

Kapilow, Robert

Green Eggs and Ham


Mackey, John

*Places We Can No Longer Go

*Songs from the End of the World


Mendelssohn, Felix


Mobberley, James

Words of Love

Mozart, W.A.


Solemn Vespers


Orff, Carl

Carmina Burana


Poulenc, Francis



Purcell, Henry

Te Deum


Rutter, John



Shaw, Caroline

Is a Rose

Sparr, D.J. 

Ella que Llora 

Theofanidis, Christopher



Ticheli, Frank

Angels in the Architecture

Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Dona nobis pacem


Vivaldi, Antonio



Weill, Kurt

Seven Deadly Sins


Whitacre, Eric

Goodnight, Moon

Whitbourn, James


* Kesselman premiere

Chamber Repertoire


* Kesselman premiere

Akiho, Andy

NO one To kNOW one

Andriessen, Louis

The New Maths


Bambrick, Spencer

*you are a photon

Becker, Bob

*Clear Things May Not Be Seen 

Never in Word

*Time in the Rock 

Berio, Luciano

Beatles Songs



Betinis, Abbie



Biedenbender, David

*all we are given we cannot hold

*Shell and Wing

Bryant, Steven 

*The Treachery of Sounds

Cain, Jason

*How Do I Love Thee?

Cerrone, Christopher

I will learn to love a person

The Pieces That Fall To Earth


Chambers, Evan


*Old Burying Ground

Chen, JingXian

*The Air is Different Here

Chinn, Hai-Ting

*How Many Tampons? (from Astronautica

*Orbital Outhouse (from Astronautica

Corigliano, John

Mr. Tambourine Man


Etezady, Roshanne

*Hardwired for Optimism

Favand-See, Renée

*First Flight (from Astronautica)

*We Need Earth (from Astronautica)

Fontaine, Evan


Frazelle, Kenneth

*Energy in All Directions

Garrett, Keaton

*For You, O Democracy

Gravel, Spencer

*You don't want to know 

Hall, Eric

*In Memory of Everett C. Marm

Harbison, John

Mirabai Songs


Hartenberger, Russell


Honstein, Robert

We Choose to Go to the Moon

Jolley, Jennifer

*Her Speed Left the Winds Behind (from Astronautica)

Jordan, Chase

*..blossomed branches broken 

Kesselman, Lee

*Ashes and Dreams


*How I Hate This Room

*I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise


*Make me a Willow Cabin



Would That Loving Were Enough


Kim, Gahyung


Kirsten, Amy Beth

For a Dream’s Sake

*The Haunting of Mr. Wolf

*L’ange pâle

to my own heart 

*yes I said yes I will Yes


Lachica, Elaine

*It's hard to explain (from Astronautica)

Lang, David

evening morning day 

i had no reason 

i live in pain 

I want to live

this condition

Lash, Hannah



Li, Qianni

*Passing East of Hartford

Lyons, Gilda

*to know about space (from Astronautica

*Trust Falls

MacMillan, Kieren

*Three Portraits


Magnussen, Jon



Mallett, Noah

*Star Fragments

Martin, Davis


Mikhailova, Anna



Mobberley, James

*Words of Love

Naeff, Ruben

*Dancing Dollar

*The Cloud


Niemann, Sylvia

*The Spirits and Their Fruit 

Pergolesi, G.B.

Stabat Mater


Pew, Douglas

*En los Muros de Arles


Reeves, RaShonda

*A Day With Mae (from Astronautica

Reich, Steve

Music for 18 Musicians


Rodriguez, Ivette Herryman


Rosenblum, Mathew


Saariaho, Kaija

Il pleut



Sankaram, Kamala

*The First View (from Astronautica)

Scarlatti, Alessandro



Schoenberg, Arnold

Pierrot Lunaire


Schwantner, Joseph



Shostakovich, Dmitri

Seven Romances on Poems of Alexander Blok

Sparr, D.J.


Stratford, Kento

*Songs from the Attic


Visconti, Dan

*Sing into Being

Yoon, Bora

*Taking Her Rightful Place Among the Stars (from Astronautica)


Song Repertoire


Al-Zand, Karim

Secret of Your Heart

Bernstein, Leonard 

Dream With Me 

Peter, Peter

Simple Song

There is a Garden (Trouble in Tahiti

Who Am I? 

Betinis, Abbie

The Clan of the Lichens


Brandt, Anthony

Creeley Songs


Britten, Benjamin

The Poet’s Echo


Brown, Jason Robert

Stars and the Moon (from Songs for a New World)

Bucchino, John


The Song With the Violins


Debussy, Claude

Ariettes oubliées

Fêtes galantes


Frazelle, Kenneth

*Last Will and Testament

*Not Here to Think About Furniture 


Garrop, Stacy

The Solitude of Stars 

Gibson, Sarah



Hagen, Jocelyn

Para mi corazòn

To My Daughter, After a Fight

Hoiby, Lee

Goodbye, World 

The Shining Place

Where the Music Comes From

Ippolito, Michael

*I breathed



Kesselman, Lee


*In the Garden of Love

*Prairie Epitaphs

*There Will I Go


Kirsten, Amy Beth

To See What I See


Kolm, Jonathan

*Winter Stars

*The Woolworth Tower


Korngold, Erich

Drei Lieder

Poulenc, Francis


Ray, Vicki



Schubert, Franz

Mignon Lieder


Schumann, Robert

Mignon Lieder


Strauss, Richard



Van Wyk, Arnold

Van Liefde en Verlatenheid


Weill, Kurt

What good would the Moon Be? (from Street Scene)

Wolf, Hugo

Mignon Lieder

Wolff, Brady

A Message from Morpheus

* Kesselman premiere

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